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Spark & Mettle

Spark & Mettle are an organisation that help young people reach their potential by focusing on key areas where they are either specialised in or have a qualification on a certain subject or industry.

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Fieldwork are a design and development agency based in Manchester who we work with on a regular basis, they came to us to ask for development on a website for Spark & Mettle. The website was developed on the Wordpress framework. As the site before was built on Wordpress they needed familiarity in a lot of areas, this was the best and only option.

The site makes use of full width images and large format text with sliders. The news index page uses an infinite scroll because the site has a lot of posts so they needed to be loaded on an incremental basis. The backend is built on a very simple codebase making use of Advanced Custom fields for backend field editing.

We made use of a simple grid to get a simple responsive site for ipad and iphone. The design of the site was simple enough to build this into the site grid.