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Audience Communications needed a new refreshed website that was more inline with their new brand identity. I gave it a lick of paint and a complete re-build front to back.

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audience communications


From the rebrand, the task was to make small decisions about the look and feel on the site that still reflected the brand colour and typography throughout. I kept it simple and gave the site some breathing space and made it a little wider to feel less cramped.

The task to make it responsive was not too difficult because the site had very simple content and the structure worked well with it. Building 3-4 points where the site shifted for a specific device width enabled their content to be readable in a more universal manner which was important to them considering their business objectives.

They wanted the ability to show off their case studies with a lot more info and more images, so I gave them a space to put image into a case study that looked nice and acted as a hero image for that specific client research.