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Borough is the idea behind designer/maker Graham McGloughlin. He started the brand as a way to facilitate the products he makes towards everyday cycling. They asked Stack Studio to build a simple site for them.

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Working with designer James Greig we built a simple site using a strong php framework called Laravel with a simple backend for editing images and text. A simple structure was created in the design using large headers where the products could sit or be used in a carousel fashion. All carousels were built responsive with touch scroll ability.

I created a simple section on the site where images overlapped but also had to move with the responsive site. I used Packry which is a simple plugin that enables images to be stacked in a random manner but also lets you keep them within your grid with consistency.

The simple images had to fit on all sorts of varying widths so on each screen resize the images jumbled around to fit the viewport and once the device stopped loading it would re-align.