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Forge & Co

Forge & Co is a coworking space on Shoreditch High Street that provides spaces for startups and creatives to work, network and collaborate with each other. It is also used for the public to use and eat inside and have a drink.

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Birch design studio approached us to build this website from their designs they had created. The interactivity on the site was mainly focused around user interaction with buttons. If the user hovered over them it would compress like a 3D button creating a layer of tactility. The site made full use of the full width screen using large images and wide simple colours.

Inside the 'Make a booking' area there was a widget that we recreated with CSS from the Open table widget so people could book online on the site. This would hopefully drive traffic to this page and make people stay on the site.

We created a responsive site down to iPad which at the time was the most important deliverable. The grid structure was very basic to keep the site looking simple and clean with no extra markup bulking the site up.

The site had a very very simple mobile style added to it with a simple menu navigation area. The site collapsed down to 1 column on mobile so most things were readable. The build of this site was a successful one and it looked very nice in the end.

The site was built with Ruby on Rails.